"Bird Call" is a series that consists of a diverse flock of birds (an owl, dodo, canary, chicken, crowned pigeon, etc.) who run a radio station in the backyard of the human Wally Zutman. The show is set in Peach Pit, Connecticut in the suburbs on Jaybird Street. The birds keep their distance from the humans for it's against the Bird Union Code to speak to them; with the exception of parrots and parakeets. They haven't been part of the union since the "Pirate Parrot Parakeet Massacre" in 1776. The Bird Union's motto: "We are birds of a feather and we must flock together!"

          Luckl-Duckl Bird & Fowl Owl 

     The radio station is an old radio that sits at the pinnacle of a wooden mast followed by various decorated bird houses attached below. The birds refer to it as "The Nestling Mast" and have inhabited it over the years. Inside of this particular fixture is the central nervous system of the bird's radio station 101.8 W.I.N.G. It’s where they broadcast music, news, and various bird calls to other bird listeners. The humans in the neighborhood are unaware of the bird’s technological advancements and are constantly baffled at the array of sounds that come from the bird houses. 

       Mr. Chicker is the bumbling boss at W.I.N.G. He is more about quantity than quality when it comes down to ratings. This usually causes push back from his cast. Among the cast of the station is Francise Birdling, the headstrong crowned pigeon who is the station's Programming Director. The host of the hot-topic panel discussion show, "Fowl Mouth" is Fowl Owl. He is the pompous know-it-all of the group and will stop at nothing to come out on top. Luckl-Duckl Bird, an "extinctively rare" Dodaramius, is a young bird with a dream to host his own radio show someday. He is joined by his canary side-kick Speck, who happens to be a pyromaniac. The two do radio spots as announcers for various sponsors. Kesmoe Peapod, the over-chilled lover of Catnip, is the afternoon DJ on "Flock'n'Rock". Dillon Quailstein, a short quail with a short temper, serves as the station's intern. And last but not least is Koo Foo. He oversees news, weather, and traffic. He has a dry personality but it keeps him focused when reporting various news stories.

         W.I.N.G. faces competition from their rival station 89.4 K.L.A.W. which sits Wally's neighbor Harriet Dinseldorf's tree. Harriet is in love with Wally but he gives her no attention due to the birds constant antics.  Grizzle Ingrid runs the ever-failing station K.L.A.W. with her minion/slave Pinky the Worm along with Poe Raven and her "crowns". Grizzle attempts to thwart the birds of W.I.N.G. by using the Harriet's pet cat Henry and a buzzard named Buzzard Beak. But they always fail.

      In the birds spare time they are "worm picking", out for a fly, or sitting on a power line tweeting up conversation. Their personal lives at home reflect on their life-styles at the station. Occasionally, their home lives follow them to work which makes their hectic day at the station arduous.

     Wally and Harriet Zutman are the resident human couple that live in the house below the birds. Wally is a college professor of Philosophy and at home he is an avid bird watcher. His wife Harriet Zutman is a lawyer of her own law firm. Wally often catches out of the ordinary activities from the birds. He becomes more suspicious and attempts to show his wife Harriet the birds odd behavior. Unfortunately, she is always too late and misses the birds. She believes Wally is "seeing things".

Artwork by Christopher John Heady
Concept by Calvin Lester

        The message the series conveys is working together and (no pun intended) being birds of a feather. The vast array of birds give examples in diversity and holding on to friendships in your darkest hours. This flock of birdlings hatched from the mind of Calvin Lester will bring warmth and laughter to all ages. 
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"Bird Call" is Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios