Show 05 - Technical Difficulties by Calvin Lester

Due to lack of upkeep, W.I.N.G. is slowly falling apart. Mr. Chicker has hired a technician Harvey G. Goose, a.k.a. Gibblets to clean up the wiring to the station. Meanwhile Fowl Owl returns to his discussion panel show to discuss the recent election of the new "President Regal-Eagle" of the United States. 

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Show 04 - Yankee Doodle-Duckl by Calvin Lester

The results are in! Who will become the next President Regal-Eagle of the United States? Will it be current President Ferdie Ferdinand or will it be up and comer Ulysses T. Smeegle? Tune in as The National Avian News Center's Aaron Heron gives full coverage on the outcome. 

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Show 02 - W.I.N.G. (Part I) by Calvin Lester

The birds deal with a massive change in management at Bird Call Radio. The radio shows you are about to hear are linked to our live production of "Bird Call the Musical". If you saw the show you'll be able to hear what the birds were broadcasting in the booth while the other story lines were going on. It's kind of like reading between the lines. We hope you enjoy "Bird Call".

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Show 01 - Bird Call Radio by Calvin Lester

Welcome to Bird Call Radio! You'll hear breaking news, talk shows, and music on the number one bird-operated radio station. "Bird Call" is designed as an episodic television program. The premise? Birds run a radio station in an old radio in the backyard of a human named Wally Zutman. The birds are not allowed to speak to humans due to their Bird Union Code and live in a secret society. These series of podcasts feature the radio programs that take place in the birds secret radio station. We hope you enjoy the antics of "Bird Call".

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