Fowl Owl

Performed by Scott Huhn

Performed by Scott Huhn


Type of Bird: Great Horned Owl
Bird Call: "WHO!"     

      Fowl Owl is the wise, old, cynical, and egotistical owl who considers himself sophisticated and intelligent. He enjoys singing opera and classic tunes by his muse Moltzart. Fowl Owl is only his nickname. His surname is Luther Von-Tawny Burrows III.

    His job at the station is hosting his discussion panel "Fowl Mouth" where he discusses political views, cultures, and other worldly subjects. Fowl Owl feels Luckl's youth and spunk may slowly start to push him out of the public eye. He fights back by finding ways to thwart and embarrass Luckl. Overall he's not a villain. Fowl Owl is a disgruntled talent that has found himself in a rut and will do anything to get out of it.


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