Luckl-Duckl Bird

Performed by Calvin Lester

Performed by Calvin Lester

Type of Bird: Dodaramius (Extinctively Rare)
Bird Call: "SQUAWK"

Luckl-Duckl Bird is a brave, ambitious, and spontaneous dreamer. He is the reluctant leader of his fellow cast members at the popular radio station 101.8 W.I.N.G. Luckl is a radio personality for commercials and sponsor spots at the station. His dream is to host his own radio show and make a name for himself in the industry.

He is assisted by his side-kick Speck, a small yellow pyro-maniac canary, on his day to day adventures. Luckl's closest friends and confidants are Kesmoe Peapod and his aunt Francise Birdling, who both work at W.I.N.G. Fowl Owl is the constant foil for Luckl. The two rarely see eye to eye due to their competitive nature toward one another. 

Luckl's species is unclear; 65% DoDo, 22% Roadrunner, 11% Duck, and 2% "Other". To avid bird-watchers (the humans) Luckl is referred to as the 'rare' and 'extinct' "Dodaramius". What sets Luckl apart from the flock is his willingness to step up to any challenge and help his feathered friends.


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