Mr. Chicker

Type of Bird: Hen/Chicken/Rooster
Bird Call: "B-B-BOCK!"    

Mr. Sampy Chicker is the new station manager and is well known in the bird entertainment world for producing such stars as Ki-Ki Kookaburra, The PeaCox, and The Blue Jay Brothers. He founded a novelty company that produces products such as corndogs and bird bath suds. His blustering management style has become ineffectual over time. 

    Mr. Chicker is a male chicken who stutters B words. He is a product of genetic experimentation that has gone awry while on the farm. Mr. Chicker's goal is to find the next best thing and prove himself to his new reluctant staff at W.I.N.G.

Performed by Luke Gerdes

Performed by Luke Gerdes


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