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Francise Birdling is a crowned-pigeon that works as W.I.N.G.'s Programming Director. She's well-rounded, head strong, but is secretly overly insecure about herself. Francise plays aunt to Luckl-Duckl Bird and mentor to Kesmoe Peapod. Her bird call is an adorable "CHEEP!"

Koo Foo is a stunted Stanley crane and is the news/weather bird on "The Early Bird Hour" at W.I.N.G. The frizzy plumage on his head is from the many strikes of lightning he's taken over the years. Koo Foo doesn't like to embrace change and is an absolute realist among the flock.

Grizzle Ingrid is a finch who manages the ever failing station K.L.A.W. She is bent on revenge towards humans due to her unfortunate past as a pet. Grizzle uses the help of her smarmy assistant Pinky the Worm. Pinky works for Grizzle so he may avoid becoming a bird's meal.

Luckl-Duckl Bird is the rare Dodaramius. With his recognizable bird call ("SQUAWK") he stands out among the flock. Luckl is a radio personality for commercials spots at W.I.N.G. His dream is to host his own radio show and make a name for himself in the industry.

Speck is a "speck-sized" diagnosed pyromaniac canary and loves getting into mischief. He has a very high-pitched squeaky voice, making it difficult for the rest of the flock to understand. Speck is Luckl's adopted brother and looks to him as his hero.

Mr. Sampy Chicker is the new station manager at W.I.N.G. He's a male hen who stutters B-words. He is a product of genetic experimentation that has gone awry while on the farm. Mr. Chicker's goal is to find the next best thing and prove himself to his reluctant staff.

Fowl Owl is the egotistical owl "WHO" hosts the discussion panel "Fowl Mouth" where he discusses political views and other worldly subjects. He worries Luckl is going to push him out of the spotlight which brings drama around the station.

Kesmoe Peapod is a green-rumped parrotlet and afternoon DJ at W.I.N.G. His love of Catnip often gets in the way of his daily routine. Even though Kesmoe isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is always very loyal to his friends - especially his best friend Luckl.

Dillon Quailstein is the "emerging manager" (a.k.a. the intern) at W.I.N.G. He's a short quail with an even shorter temper. Dillon was raised by emus which brought him to a Napoleon complex. He has no interest of finding his real family and enjoys the emu family reunions.

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