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2018 Cast of "Bird Call the Musical"

The birds on tour in Illinois with the literacy-based show "Adventures in Reading".

The birds making new friends on their trips to The Florida Hospital in the Walt Disney Pavilion.

2012 - Cast of "Bird Call" rehearsing for charity event show.

     ‘Bird Call’ was created by Calvin Lester in 2002, and has been growing into a well-loved, full-fledged, family friendly puppet production company. In 2007, it was pitched to NBC as a weekly television series. Calvin bought the rights back from NBC when he saw a looming writer’s strike approaching. To avoid the series being shelved he took it into his own hands to push 'Bird Call' to thrive on its own.

    Since 2008, the show and its lovable characters have performed in the Ibex Orlando Puppet Festival, multiple live charity shows for the Orange County Pet Shelters (2012, 2013, 2015) Hurricane relief concerts (2010, 2012), original Halloween shows at St. Luke’s United Methodist (2016) and the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL (2017), a hearing-impaired-friendly show for a local youth camp (Camp Buckaroo, 2016), and created an educational touring show encouraging literacy for ages 5-10 (‘Adventures in Reading', performed in Florida and Illinois). Along with these original live performances, ‘Bird Call’ has taken its characters to the Florida Hospital’s Walt Disney Pavilion on several occasions since 2012 to visit so many very special children.

    ‘Bird Call’’s biggest endeavor so far has been an original, 2 act musical (2014 at the Garden Theater in Winter Garden, FL; 2016 at the Orlando Repertory Theater in Orlando, FL; 2018 at the ME Theater in Orlando, FL). ‘Bird Call’ can be seen and heard online on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and their website They recently have started the Bird Call Podcast Series (available for free download on iTunes) and the Original Cast Album Recording of ‘Bird Call the Musical’ (available on iTunes and Amazon).

    Calvin and ‘Bird Call’ are currently based in Florida, but the goal is to continue making online videos and other content to bring the colorful flock to the world with a possibility of an episodic television series in the future.


Company Profile written by
Kelsey Brady

Series Created & Written by Calvin Lester

Calvin Lester, Kelsey Brady,
Tyler Campbell, Nate Begle, Susan Williams

Calvin Lester, Scott Huhn, Kelsey Brady, Tyler Campbell, Peter Heid, Christopher Faulkenberry, Danny Lara, Luke Gerdes, Rachael Biehler, Jason Stanley, Jason Rush

Additional Performers
Jenn Abreu, Josh Ball, Nate Begle, Tyler Bunch, Allison Cain, Tyler Campbell, Jonathan Cooper, Kim David, Charles “Jinx” Healan, Cassandra Heinrich, Scott Hendrix, Ernie Hernandez, William Horne, Jennifer Himes, Andrea Hochkeppel, Cody Hoien, Derek Klann, Jason Laramee, Lexi Lawlor, Cameron Matthews, Hannah Matthews, Cailey McCandless, Sean McMurray, Shane McNeal, Ty Menard, Cami Miller, Chris Mingle, Paty Monzalvo, Anna Parrish, Nick Peugh, Diana Rinaldi, Rob Roberts, Julie Scarborough, Danielle Stoddard, Ashley Taylor, Mark Theiss, Matt Turner

Additional Vocalists
Brayshawna Bates, Ryan Kirsch, Allison Kirsch, Victoria Perez, Bob Huffer, Julie Scarborough, Josh Ball, Allison Cain, Jennifer Holmes, Merrit Martin, Krystina Roach, Lindsay Flick, Christina Montgomery, Karl Hudson, Erin Richardson, Gino Diridoni

Glenn Longacre, John R. Mason III, Mike Thomas, Brian Ames,
Jordan Gatenby, David Hubbell, Calvin Lester

Puppet Workshop
Scott Huhn, Matt Turner, Chris Faulkenberry, Billy Horne, Scotty Shoemaker,
Ty Menard, Jason Stanley, Tony Ley, Kelsey Brady

Puppet Costuming
Liz Sorenson, Lynn Nelson, Kelsey Brady

Technial Crew
Ryan Kirsch, Frank Filipo, Claire Mondragon, Brian Ramondetta, Brayshawna Bates,
Luke Gerdes, Danielle Stoddard, Joey Reynolds, Carolyn Pastor, Zach Middaugh,
Adam Bintz, Jeremy Stamps, Emily Phipps

Dean Ray, Jonathan Rodriguez, Rob Campbell, Emily Phipps

James Neihouse, Claire Mondragon, James Donmoyer, Nate Begle, Nick Peugh

Set Design
Calvin Lester, Kelsey Brady

Set Construction
Vincent Siracusano, Tyler Campbell, Michael Feldmann

Contributing Artists
Ernie Hernandez, Allison Cain, Christopher Faulkenberry, Christopher Heady, Taylor Brady
Vincent Siracusano, Scotty Shoemaker, Ashley Taylor, Aleigh Watford, Clayton Roederer

Bird Call Logo
Artist: Vincent Siracusano
Logo Developed by Calvin Lester & Luke Gerdes


"Bird Call" Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios