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"An original comedy-musical that's not only for the birds!"


STORY: A flock of diverse birds (Luckl, Fowl Owl, Speck, Kesmoe, Francise, and Koo Foo) work for the radio station BIRD CALL RADIO (BCR). They run the station in the backyard of the human family Wally and Harriet Zutman, who have no clue of the bird's secret lives.

After the bird's old boss is banished for talking to humans, they are forced to work with the changes their new boss implements. The new boss cancels the show of long-time radio host Fowl Owl. Within the week, Fowl Owl's old time slot is given to youngster Luckl for a chance at his own show. A feud develops between Luckl and Fowl Owl causing Luckl to get fired. Luckl gets a job as a radio host at the competing station, becomes a superstar, but lets the fame get to his head.

Meanwhile, the humans plan to destroy the bird's homes and station to put in a swimming pool! All will be lost if the birds don't find a way to work together and save their homes."

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Bird Call the Musical is a show the entire family can enjoy. It has heart, comedy, catchy songs, and unforgettable characters!
— Calvin Lester

Photography: Dean Ray
"Bird Call" is Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios