Show Synopsis
"Luckl-Duckl Bird dreams of hosting his own radio show at W.I.N.G. But his dreams are put on hold when station manager Eugene Swallowstone is banished for breaking the number one rule: talking to a human. The flock's new boss, Mr. Chicker, cancels the show of long-time host Fowl Owl and gives the time slot to Luckl! An epic feud begins between Luckl and Fowl Owl. The feud leads Luckl to being fired from the station and ends up working for competitor station K.L.A.W. and clawing his way to the top. His new found success goes to his head and leads to a new friendship... a human! Sing out loud and proud your bird call in this new original musical by Calvin Lester."




Calvin Lester as Luckl-Duckl Bird, Bingo Flamingo

Jason Rush as Kesmoe Peapod,
Mr. Magpie, Henry the Cat

Scott Huhn as Fowl Owl,
Mr. Whifflecauch

Luke Gerdes as Mr. Chicker

Kelsey Brady as Francise Birdling

Jason Stanley as Koo Foo,
Pinky the Worm

Danny Lara as Dillon Quailstein

Chris Faulkenberry as Speck, Buzzard Beak

Rachael Biehler as Grizzle Ingrid


Peter Heid as Wally Zutman

Jenn Abreu as Harriet Dinseldorf

Nate Begle, Josh Ball, Allison Cain, Jon Cooper, Tyler Campbell, Allison Delgrosso, Patricia Monzalvo-Hernandez, Ernie Hernandez, Ryan Kirsch, Julie Scarborough
With Tyler Bunch as The Narrator
Bird Call the Musical is a show the entire family can enjoy. It has heart, comedy, catchy songs, and unforgettable characters
— Winter Garden Times

Photographers: Dean Ray & Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez courtesy of Sublime Image Photography

"Bird Call" is Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios