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Created & Written by Calvin Lester
Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios


       Date               Time
May 18, 2018       8:00pm
May 19, 2018       2:30pm
May 19, 2018       8:00pm
May 20, 2018      8:00pm

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Me Theatre

1300 La Quinta Dr 3
Orlando, FL 32809

Bird Call the Musical follows a flock of diverse birds that run a radio station in the backyard of the human Wally Zutman. The birds fear the station is in danger of being shut down due to their ineffectual new boss. This gives way to their competing station K.L.A.W. to seize the opportunity to broadcast her anti-human propaganda! Sing out loud and proud your bird call in this new original musical by Calvin Lester.


Photographers: Dean Ray & Jonathan Rodriguez


Scott Huhn as Fowl Owl,
Mr. Whifflecauch

Rachael Biehler as
Grizzle Ingrid

Jason Rush as Kesmoe, Mr. Magpie

Calvin Lester as Luckl-Duckl Bird, Bingo Flamingo

Luke Gerdes as Mr. Chicker

Danny Lara as Dillon

Kelsey Brady as Francise Birdling

Chris Faulkenberry as Speck, Buzzard Beak

Jason Stanley as Koo Foo,
Pinky the Worm


Peter Heid as Wally Zutman

Jenn Abreu-Grechika as Harriet Dinseldorf


Tyler Bunch as The Narrator


Josh Ball, Nate Begle,
Allison Cain, Tyler Campbell, 
Ernie Hernandez, Patricia Hernandez, 
Julie Scarborough, Matt Turner

Bird Call the Musical is a show the entire family can enjoy. It has heart, laughs, catchy songs, and unforgettable characters.
— Winter Garden Times

Created & Directed by Calvin Lester
Written by Calvin Lester, Kelsey Brady
Creative Team: Jason Stanley, Luke Gerdes, Tyler Bunch, Jason Rush
Puppet Workshop: Scott Huhn, Chris Faulkenberry, Matt Turner,
                              Jason Stanley, Scotty Shoemaker, Billy Horne

Songs Written by Calvin Lester
Composers: Glenn Longacre, John R. Mason III
Costuming: Kelsey Brady, Liz Sorenson
Props: Allison Cain, Kelsey Brady, Jason Stanley
Artwork: Ernie Hernandez, Jennifer Himes
Sets: Michael Feldmann, Tyler Campbell, Calvin Lester
Choreographers: Josh Ball, Paty Hernandez, Sterling Lovett

"Bird Call" is Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios