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Show Synopsis
In the quiet town of Peach Pit, Connecticut lives college Professor Wally Zutman. His hobby of birdwatching has risen to the level of obsession as he tries to convince the world that these birds in his backyard can talk. The truth is: they can! In Wally’s very own backyard resides the top rated bird radio station, W.I.N.G. However the birds must follow a strict code and never speak to humans. The charming Dodoramius Luckl Duckl Bird is the heart of W.I.N.G. He writes commercial jingles, but dreams of one day reaching stardom in the bird world. Luckl and Wally both find themselves competing with egos, friendships, betrayal, acceptance, and love.... all while trying to prevent a genocidal maniac bird from taking over the world.  Just another day in the small town of Peach Pit, Connecticut.

Created & Directed by Calvin Lester
Written by Calvin Lester, Kelsey Brady
Producers: Calvin Lester, Kelsey Brady, Tyler Campbell, Nate Begle
Puppet Workshop: Scott Huhn, Chris Faulkenberry, Matt Turner,
                              Jason Stanley, Scotty Shoemaker, Billy Horne
                              Kelsey Brady, Tony Ley, Shane McNeal

Songs Written by Calvin Lester
Composers: Glenn Longacre, John R. Mason III
Costuming: Kelsey Brady, Liz Sorenson
Props: Kelsey Brady, Allison Cain, Jason Stanley
Artwork: Allison Cain, Ernie Hernandez, Jennifer Himes
Sets: Michael Feldmann, Tyler Campbell
Choreographers: Josh Ball, Kelsey Brady, Sterling Lovett
Photographers: Dean Ray, Jonathan Rodriguez, Danielle Stoddard

"Bird Call" is Copyright © CML 5th Avenue Studios